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- I'm Aline, and I go to Manukau Christian School.
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- Sorry for you sports fans, but I don't like sports.

- I love to paint and to drawexternal image sorry+greeting+card.gifexternal image 1636173h2p43z6utd.gif
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- I love cats and kittens, and I have a ginger cat called Toffee.

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About Me:
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emmm... black, green, silver
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Playing on the computer, painting, cooking, I <3 travelling!!!
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Game: My favourite computer game must be the Sims 3!
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Harry Potter 6 (and the Half-Blood Prince), Gladiator, The Titanic
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Food: Tarte Flambee, from France
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Country: France!!!

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Emmm...... this is going to be hard :)

- I can (or used to) ride a bike
- I can (or used to) play the recorder
- I am learning to play the piano
- I can kinda cook

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History: I'm learning about Martin Luther and John Hus (John Huss). They were both considered heretics by the Roman Catholic Church. John Hus taught people the according to the Bible, not the Church. Martin Luther taught people not to believe in indulgences but in Christ, and also translated the Bible into German, the people's language. Both Hus and Luther taught that the Roman Catholic Church taught wrongly.
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I'm learning about the Catechisms. Catechisms are questions and answers that help us to know more about spiritual things.
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I'm learning about decimals (e.g. how to change decimals into fractions, rounding to the 1st or 2nd decimal...).
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I'm learning about short stories, their plot, and how to diagram them (e.g. Sentence 1: topic sentence, Sentence 2: fact, Sentence 3: fact, Sentence 4: example, Sentence 5: conclusion).
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I'm learning Latin ( words, case endings, declensions, and derivatives). Salvete amici Latine!
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I'm learning to play netball. I'm usually WA (Wing Attack).
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I have to sing Eidelweiss (the Sound of Music) as a solo. In week 5 (in two weeks), Room 9 and 10 (years 5-8) will sing at Erin Park for the old people. I'm also acting in a very short play of Snow White at Erin Park. I'm the mirror.
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I'm learning about France.
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I'm doing art for the rest of the term instead of French.
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I'm learning about mixtures, solutes, solvents and solutions. I am also learning how to separate mixtures.
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Art: I am working with clay.
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Computers: I'm working on this Wikispaces page!
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Superb work done on this page Aline .. Mrs Smith


Aline Precis 1
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Aline's Short Story

ThanX 4 viZiting my paJ!!!