"Printing" in "Heinemann History The Reformation" by Martyn Whittock, published by Heinemann Educational, Oxford, 1992

No one in Europe had ever heard of printing until the 15th Century, when Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press. Little did they know that the Chinese had invented it before them. They had printed their first book in 868 AD, whilst the Europeans still had handwritten books, in which they had little interest. Unlike the Chinese printing system, which consisted simply of inked wooden blocks that formed Chinese symbols, the "Gutenberg Press" was a moving typer, which pressed inked metal shapes unto paper. Johann Gutenberg's invention spread throughout Europe, and, soon, printing presses were set up in Rome, Paris, Cracow and London. Since the printing press was created, many more people wanted to read books.
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An excellent precis, Aline. You have grasped the topic well.