Clara just bought her new glasses with her pocket money savings... but where did they go?

Clara's Missing Glasses

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Clara heaved a sigh of content as she dropped her last glitter pen into her pencilcase. Finally her room was tidy, and she could contemplate her new glasses.... her new GLASSES? Unfortunately, her happiness only lasted those few seconds after she put that glitter pen into her pencilcase. Why couldn't people rewind time? Clara frowned anxiously as she searched her neatly arranged room, but it was all in vain.

Realizing that the glasses couldn't be there, she investigated the rest of the house. But her quest stopped short as she threw off the last pillow that remained on the three-seater living room couch. Each place and corner of the house had been searched at least five times, and Clara's glasses' case had been searched twenty times.
She had been the entertainment for her family for the whole previous hour. Clara couldn't understand a thing. Her family was actually laughing at her! Who could even show a tiny glimpse of a smile at such a moment? And why did they point their fingers at her all the time? It wasn't funny! Well not for her, at least. In her frustration, she stomped furiously towards her brother, who was just as amused as her parents. Clara grabbed the nearest magazine from the small coffee table.

WHAM! Her brother stopped laughing. Now he thought this was unfair ! Just as Clara lifted the magazine up to hit him again, something fell to the ground with a clink. Her fringe flopped down. "My glasses!" Clara exclaimed. She headed back to her room with a sigh of relief (and her glasses). But as she picked up her pencil case once more, she muttered to herself,"Where is my headband?"


A superb effort Aline